Roof wooden house

The roof of wooden houses Thus, for the construction of the house you have chosen a tree, have already decided on the type of foundation material for walls and ceilings. Now it’s time to think about what would be the roof of your house. Types of roof shape is determined by the design house roof and the size of its budget. It is no secret that the construction of sloping roof costing considerably more expensive than building a conventional roof. Here we need more sophisticated technology, and more materials. However, the use of complex shapes allows efficient use of roof space, get an extra floor or attic. Roof windows, which are usually decorated with curtains or blinds, give the interior and exterior home and cozy look. Roofing Strictly speaking, roof decking wooden house, you can use virtually any modern stuff. However, if we talk about the aesthetics of a wooden house, then from this point of view instead of the slate roofing material is best to choose classic options, such as ceramic tile (Or is it more affordable counterparts) or shingles, which is also in appearance much like shingles. This combination (Wooden walls and roof) is considered the most harmonious. Roofing of any major roof deck is a crate. It allows you to evenly distribute the load on the walls and foundations, to keep the sheets in position. After all roofing components are attached to this bar crates. Their range depends on the size of sheets. In addition to the roofing material, you need to vapor barrier, insulation, insulation. The correct choice of these components will help extend the life of the roof of your house. The process of laying the roof laying roofing sheets starts from the lower corner of the roof, from left to right. The sheets are stacked overlap to prevent ingress of moisture in the roof space and attached to the sheathing with screws, reliability, which should be given special attention. After placing all the sheets begin to mount the ridge, chimney systems, ventilation and snow retention. Roofing – one of the most technologically challenging and important stages of construction. On how well you spend this job bude dependent durability of the house and its reliability.

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